Kepler + Co Joins Forces with The Learning Performance Institute (LPI) to Revolutionise Professional Development.

We are pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership
between Kepler + Co and The LPI (Learning Performance Institute).

This alliance brings together two industry leaders, combining Kepler + Co's cutting-edge skills identification and development solutions, and the LPI's renowned expertise in driving professional development and performance improvement in the learning and development space.

Unleashing the Power of Personalised Learning Journeys.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to developing more efficient and effective performance journeys for learning professionals. We are setting the standard for the future of learning & development by empowering learning professionals with the skills that they need to create a positive impact within their businesses.

Kepler + Co provides the new platform for the LPI's Capability Map, a powerful self-assessment tool designed to help professionals identify their strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and access personalised learning resources. The enhanced experience caters for an array of learning & development job roles, with nuanced performance standards for different levels of experience. This means that learning recommendations are strategically relevant to each individual’s career pathway and skills.

We are unleashing the power of personalised learning journeys to establish industry-wide performance standards in L&D.

Driving the adoption of AI.

A notable enhancement within the capability map is seen in the newly added AI literacy capability that features future focused skills ranging from AI Fundamentals to Ethics & Governance.

Incorporating this critical area of expertise, and providing access to high quality training material, the LPI will drive adoption, innovation, and untold efficiencies in the learning & development industry.

Empowering Individuals and Organisations.

Through a focus on “training the trainer”, the LPI are in a unique position to create broad, positive impact. Equipping L&D professionals with the know-how to maximise ROI through innovation and increased efficiency, in turn, allows every LPI member to deliver more meaningful professional development programmes to audiences within their own organisations.

Embracing the Future of Learning and Development.

The partnership between Kepler + Co and the LPI represents a shift in the learning and development landscape. By combining Kepler + Co's innovative technology with the LPI's industry-leading expertise, we are creating a dynamic ecosystem that fosters continuous learning, adaptability, and professional growth.

Edmund Monk, CEO and co-Founder of The Learning Performance Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, had the following to say on the partnership, "At the LPI, we're always looking for innovative solutions to better support the professional development of our members. That's why we've partnered with Kepler + Co, to support effective self-assessment, which helps our members identify their strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and access personalised learning resources. Together with Kepler + Co, the LPI is fuelling more efficient, more effective performance journeys for learning professionals, and making upskilling more engaging and interactive."

Embracing the Future of Learning and Development.

Kepler + Co and the LPI is built upon a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Kepler + Co's cutting-edge skills identification and development solutions, combined with the LPI's data-driven approach and comprehensive portfolio of products and services, create a powerful force that pushes the boundaries of learning and development.

Darren Lang, CEO and Co co-Founder of Kepler + Co expanded, “This collaboration will provide significant value to the L&D and HR communities. We're launching this partnership with a new capability map, which will empower professionals to identify skill gaps, benchmark against peers, and measure the impact of their initiatives.”

Together, we are dedicated to providing learning professionals with the tools, information, and connections they need to improve workplace learning and drive meaningful change. This partnership represents a leap forward in the pursuit of empowering learning and development teams and individuals to achieve their full potential and empower their organisations.

“This partnership is built on a shared commitment to continuous improvement and a long-term vision to enhance the learning and HR landscape," Lang continued.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey.

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey as we redefine the landscape of professional development. Whether you are an individual seeking to unlock your full potential, an organisation striving to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, or a learning professional dedicated to driving performance improvement, this partnership offers a wealth of opportunities.

Embrace the power of Kepler + Co's innovative technology and the LPI's industry-leading expertise, and embark on a path of growth, adaptability, and success. Together, we will shape the future of learning and development, empowering professionals and organisations to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and announcements as we unveil the enhanced Capability Map and unveil new initiatives designed to propel your professional development journey to new heights.
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