Kepler + Co and EasyHQ Ignite a Powerful Partnership!

We are excited to announce the partnership between Kepler + Co and EasyHQ, two companies committed to driving business success through innovation and adaptability. This collaboration promises to bring fresh, dynamic solutions to help your business thrive.

Strategic excellence

Kepler + Co is the go-to expert for skills intelligence and development solutions. Enabling organisations to drive employee development and business growth developing workforce skills with and aligning them with strategic goals. 

EasyHQ specialises in cutting through complexity with its world class technology and strategic solutions. EasyHQ transforms clients’ businesses in the way they collaborate with their people, their suppliers, their assets and infrastructure, the communities, risks, and regulatory frameworks within which they operate. EasyHQ Transforming businesses into adaptive, automated, and digitised powerhouses. We do Business, but Better!

This partnership builds upon our skills-first approach to develop talented teams with a goal-oriented culture and successful business outcomes. Together, we transform skills and business process management into competitive advantages.

Collaboratively empowering businesses

  1. Data-driven decision-making: By harnessing advanced analytics and innovative skills intelligence technologies, we equip organisations with actionable insights that drive business growth and optimise operational efficiencies.
  2. Strategic talent optimisation: Our integrated approach combines EasyHQ's prowess in regulatory and compliance frameworks with Kepler + Co's expertise in skills intelligence, enabling data-driven workforce planning and talent management strategies.
  3. Regulatory compliance and innovative transformation: Our alliance enables organisations to anticipate and proactively address regulatory demands, positioning businesses at the forefront of digital transformation and compliance.
  4. Agile and automated business transformation: Leveraging our combined capabilities, we empower businesses to develop into skills-led, adaptive, digitally driven entities, enhancing their resilience, competitiveness, and market leadership.

The future of business is now!

Our partnership leverages a shared vision to elevate business performance through innovative skills and technology. Together, we deliver solutions that transform human capital management, enhance skills development, and streamline compliance management, giving our clients a clear competitive edge.
Kepler + Co specialises in Human Capital Management, offering sophisticated solutions to optimise workforce potential. 

We provide comprehensive skills assessments, personalised learning pathways, and robust analytics, enabling organisations to skilfully manage and develop their talent in alignment with strategic objectives.
Kepler Experience Limited is hosted on Amazon AWS.

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