Skills mapping made easy.

See the big picture of your team's skills – identifying the skills they have now, and the skills they'll need later. With recommendations based on job title, industry, country, and more, you'll get a comprehensive, accurate understanding of your skills landscape.
Kepler + Co Skills Gap Report
Skills mapping

So much more than a skills report.

Unlike traditional skills mapping tools, we don't just show a one-size-fits-all skill matrix. Our solution enables you to contextualise your skills requirements, creating a tailored skills model that aligns with your unique needs.

Kepler + Co People First Skills Mapping
Skills mapping

A people first approach starts with skills mapping.

Show people that they are valued
By investing in the right skills identification tool, you invest in each person's skills journey.

Set clear, fair expectations
Be transparent about what competencies and skills people need to succeed.

Support career growth and mobility
Show employees the skills they need to reach their future goals.

Kepler + Co Skills Identification
Skills mapping

People planning with precision.

Our solution gives HR professionals and management the information they need to:

  • Make data-driven decisions for goal setting and performance reviews.

  • Understand the strengths, skill gaps, and learning needs of the organisation.

  • Take a birds eye view of the entire organisational skills inventory, and proactively address potential gaps, or plan for future requirements.

  • Recruit and retain the right talent, tapping into diverse talent pools.

  • Reduce employee churn through improved conflict management.

  • Implement effective succession plans, ensuring seamless transitions.
Kepler + Co specialises in Human Capital Management, offering sophisticated solutions to optimise workforce potential. 

We provide comprehensive skills assessments, personalised learning pathways, and robust analytics, enabling organisations to skilfully manage and develop their talent in alignment with strategic objectives.
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