Improving Workplace Readiness By 30.2% In An Emerging Economy.

Increasing workforce readiness by 30.8.

Kepler + Co's skills development programme in Benin achieved remarkable results: 30.8% boost in workplace readiness, 25.8% career growth potential. 84% activation, 80.61% engagement rates. High certificate attainment demonstrated impact. Read how precise skills mapping, personalised learning pathways empowered graduates in an emerging economy for global jobs.




Unlocking Workforce Potential through Skills Identification and Development

As economies emerge on the global stage, developing a skilled and competitive workforce becomes essential. One government recognised this imperative and partnered with a leading career development company and Kepler + Co, a specialist in skills intelligence, to embark on an ambitious skills development initiative.

The Challenge: Precise Skills Mapping for Tailored Development

The key challenge was to identify the essential skills required for recent graduates to thrive professionally. Kepler + Co's unapologetic accuracy in skills taxonomies and granular, contextual ontologies enabled a deep understanding of the skills landscape. This precise skills mapping laid the foundation for tailored skills development.

A Comprehensive Strategy: Assessment, Learning Pathways, and Measurement

The strategy involved a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Assessing individual skills gaps through Kepler + Co's bias-free, data-driven talent assessments.
  2. Developing personalised learning journeys with curated materials to address identified skills deficiencies.
  3. Continuously measuring progress through rigorous assessments and certificate attainment.

Successes and Key Takeaways:

The programme's success was evident through several key metrics:

Notable Improvement in Essential Skills: Graduates experienced a significant enhancement in their abilities, with a 5.3% improvement in profile building, a 2.6% increase in interview skills, a remarkable 30.8% boost in workplace readiness, as well as a 25.8% enhancement in career growth potential.

High Engagement and Completion Rates: An 84% account activation rate among invited learners and an 80.61% engagement rate in completing course materials surpassed industry benchmarks, showcasing the programme's effectiveness in maintaining learner interest and commitment.

Certificate of Achievement: A high number of learners attained certificates, validating their skill improvements and readiness for the job market.
The Kepler + Co Difference: Unapologetic Accuracy and Human-centric, Data-driven Insights.

Kepler + Co's unique value propositions played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes. The software's unapologetic accuracy in skills taxonomies and mapping, coupled with its granular, contextual ontologies, provided a deep understanding of the skills landscape. Its human-centric, data-driven approach ensured a bias-free assessment of talent pools, enabling precise development and placement strategies.

Transformative Outcomes: Empowering the Future Workforce

The results of this skills-focused initiative were remarkable:

  • Significant improvement in essential skills like profile building, interview skills, workplace readiness, and career growth potential.
  • Exceptional learner engagement with high activation and course completion rates.
  • A substantial number of learners earned certificates, validating their enhanced skills and job market preparedness.

The Kepler + Co Advantage: Integrating Learning with Action.

Kepler + Co's seamless integration with learning experience platforms (LXPs) was a game-changer. This synergy enabled the rapid deployment of personalised learning content roadmaps, ensuring efficient and effective upskilling while optimising LXP investments.

Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making.

Kepler + Co's analytical capabilities provided clear insights into skills pools and tracked progress meticulously. This data-driven approach allowed stakeholders to identify learning needs, demonstrate tangible ROI, and make informed decisions to achieve strategic workforce development goals.

This case study exemplifies the power of precise skills identification and tailored skills development in unlocking the potential of an emerging workforce. By leveraging advanced software solutions like Kepler + Co, organisations can empower individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the global job market, driving economic growth and competitiveness.

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