Achieving a 928% Increase In Course Completions Rates In Just 3 Years.

A Skills-Led Approach To A Competitive Edge 

A major satellite TV provider in Sub-Saharan Africa recognised the need to overhaul its talent development to maintain a competitive edge. Partnering with Kepler + Co, they implemented an innovative skills-centric approach. The results were astounding - course completion rates skyrocketed by 928% in just 3 years, drastically improving service quality, customer satisfaction and brand advocacy.

Course Completion Rates


Despite its consistent market leadership fuelled by a commitment to innovation, the company faced emerging challenges posed by technological disruptions and changing customer expectations. The company's traditional training models required improvement to meet these evolving requirements, prompting the need for a comprehensive overhaul of its talent development strategies.

To spearhead this transformation, the company selected Kepler + Co, a front-runner in the skills-identification and development sector. Kepler + Co's advanced methodologies and continuous development strategies were instrumental in empowering the company's workforce and sustaining its market dominance.


Billing Efficiency - Internal Customers: Managing billing complexities and meeting client expectations became increasingly challenging. The high turnover of support staff and the need for continuous upskilling required a dynamic system that could curate content efficiently, enabling agile billing processes and enhancing stakeholder relations.

Training and Retraining - Customer Education: The company's reliance on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners for frontline support and installations led to a high churn rate among employees. Continuous training and retraining programmes were essential to maintain consistent service quality and streamline customer interactions, despite the constant onboarding of new staff.

Achieving High Completion Rates - Data Management: Initially, the company struggled with low course completion rates, hindering the effectiveness of its skills development programmes. Improved data management and engaging, skills-led training methodologies were crucial to increasing employee engagement and ensuring reliable progress tracking.

Solutions and Alternatives:

After evaluating multiple options, including pre-packaged e-learning solutions, the company chose to deploy Kepler + Co's skills identification and development solution. This decision was driven by the solution's skills-identification and development capabilities, powerful analytics and integrations, and its ability to align with the company's organisational objectives.

Kepler + Co's solution was customised to meet the company's unique operational requirements, featuring gamification elements and diverse content mapped to employee and internal customer roles. This tailored approach addressed the company's specific challenges, such as managing billing complexities, maintaining service quality, and ensuring high completion rates.

Project Outcomes

The company's successful implementation of a skills-led workforce development strategy underscores the importance of agility and strategic foresight in an evolving entertainment industry. By embracing a skills-first approach and partnering with Kepler + Co, the company not only improved operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.


This case study highlights the success factors that enabled the company to achieve such remarkable outcomes, including:

A willingness to challenge traditional training models and adopt innovative solutions.

Effective collaboration with industry experts like Kepler + Co to leverage cutting-edge skills development methodologies.

Customisation of the solution to align with the company's unique operational requirements and organisational objectives.

Commitment to continuous employee development and empowerment through engaging, skills-based training programmes.

Data-driven decision-making and ongoing monitoring of progress to ensure the effectiveness of the initiative.

In the vertical entertainment landscape, a skills-centric approach to talent development has proven to be a game-changer, driving operational excellence and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Skills intelligence for the broadcasting industry
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