A faster, smarter way to develop and measure skills.

Our solutions are designed to make the entire skills development process 
simple, straightforward and streamlined.
Skills matrix
Dive into our skills matrix and discover how you can revolutionise the way your business views, assesses, understands, and harnesses the potential of its teams.
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Skills mapping
Look beyond simple engagement metrics to focus on whether employees are genuinely developing. Get meaningful reports that give you quantifiable ways to track your return on investment, so that you can make strategic, data-driven decisions about budget allocations.
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Kepler + Co Skills Gap Analysis
Skills gap analysis
Our solution uses the results of the skills assessments to identify specific skills gaps across the business. Then, we give you detailed, data-driven reports that help guide you on how best to allocate your budget.
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Kepler + Co Technical Skills
Technical skills
Assess your employees’ current skill levels with manager ratings, self-assessments, and peer endorsements. We include every team member in the process, factoring in each person's seniority and experience, to help ensure the results are fair.
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Soft skills
Measure soft skills like critical thinking, resilience, and conflict resolution using real-world scenarios that are meaningful and relevant. Give employees clear, actionable feedback to help them reach their goals.
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Kepler + Co Additional Learning
Additional learning
We know that learning isn't limited to a piece of software. That's why our solution allows people to note the enrichment activities they do outside of the workplace. Employees can log things like podcasts, books, articles, courses, talks and workshops.
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Career pathways
Share the skills needed for each role and empower your team to take charge. With the wheel in their hands, they can navigate their careers along routes that align perfectly with their goals.
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Kepler + Co specialises in Human Capital Management, offering sophisticated solutions to optimise workforce potential. 

We provide comprehensive skills assessments, personalised learning pathways, and robust analytics, enabling organisations to skilfully manage and develop their talent in alignment with strategic objectives.
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